Thursday, January 11, 2018

ORT21 : Teun Verbruggen - Jozef Dumoulin - Nate Wooley - Ingebrigt Håker Flaten / KaPSalon

Cover Art: Painting : Wannes Lecompte / layout : Peter Verbruggen

ORT21 : Teun Verbruggen - Jozef Dumoulin - Nate Wooley - Ingebrigt Håker Flaten / KaPSalon

When not playing as BOAT - The Bureau of Atomic Tourism (see ORT004ORT006 and ORT015), Teun Verbruggen and his friends becomes a quartet with Teun on drums and objects, Jozef Dumoulin on Fender Rhodes, Nate Wooley on trumpet and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten on double bass.

KaPSalon was recorded live at Jazz Middelheim in 2014 by Roel Snellebrand and mixed / mastered by Richard Comte in Paris in 2015.

You can purchase the vinyl directly at Rat Records here.

Digital release on the 12th January 2018.

Track listing:

1: Walter First
2: otto
3: MB

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's physical cds SALES at Off in January and February! ENJOY!

It's physical cds SALES at Off in January and February! ENJOY!

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

OJP024 : Hal vs Robert Edwin / Frame - Feat. Ryouko Aomasa

Art cover by A.L. from an HAL's video frame

OJP024 : Hal vs Robert Edwin / Frame - Feat. Ryouko Aomasa

Hal is the VJ who does all the videos of Robert Edwin (see OCD008, ODG006 , ODG027 and OJP016). 
Frame was realized using one of the many drawings of Robert, then cut and reworked into different parts to move, come  and go with the music specially composed by Ryouko Aomasa and Robert who also produced and mixed the song.

Frame is the single taken out of the 'Divine Fox Dance' album coming out on the beginning of February 2018.

The video: 

Digitally release on the 30of December 2017.

Track listing:

1) Frame

And in Bandcamp:

Thursday, December 21, 2017

ODG075 : Brekekekexkoaxkoax / Fuck Yeah There Will Be Lemurs

Cover art by A.L.

ODG075 : Brekekekexkoaxkoax / Fuck Yeah There Will Be Lemurs

F...Yeah There Will Be Lemurs is an hour long piece of collage of no less than 18 different types of lemurs screams while Animal Charm is a one minute hommage to Lisa Kucharski (a tape collage artist in Chicago, who stopped making tapes many many years ago). She would ask people to make animal noises, especially children.

Brekekekexkoaxkoax since 1996 has been a sound project by Austin-based artist Josh Ronsen that moves between instrumental, collaborative improvisations and solo electro-acoustic compositions. 
Video projections and performance art have also been conducted under this name. There is no common thread of reason which links all brekekekexkoaxkoax events. Instead, each one opens new methods of creativity, exploring new modes of internal (unconscious?) desire.
“Fuck yeah there will be lemurs” was created for the CD release show from Phonography Austin's first compilation release in 2017. 
Phonography is the practice of recording and presenting environmental sounds in all the diversity the word environment suggests. The brekekekexkoaxkoax contribution to the compilation was a close recording of 3,000 bees in a box, waiting transfer to their new hive in our backyard. It followed that the piece to be presented at the CD release show should also involve animal/insect sounds. Over 300 sounds were recorded or collected from scientific collections, including sounds from 18 different species of lemurs, which suggested the title. A recording made on a New York City side street separates the two sections of animal sounds.

“Animal Charm (For Lisa Kucharski)” began as an idea for the “Lemur” collage; I considered recording myself imitating animal sounds if I could not gather enough sounds suitable to the piece, and also considered making animal sounds live during the playback of the piece at the CD release party. An increasing focus of my performance art activities is audience participation, including cards and instructions handed out, and this seemed like a perfect idea to present at No Shame Theater, a regular night of performances open to the public. Pairs of animals were written on cards and handed out. People had to make the sound of their animal while seeking out the other person making that animal sound. Lisa Kucharski is an inventive sound artist and writer from Chicago who made a number of experimental tapes in the 1990s using a wide variety of techniques and strategies. Asking people to make animal sounds is something she has done, and the dedication is to thank her for the inspiration to try new activities in sound art.

Josh Ronsen

Digital release on the 22d of December 2017.

Track listing:

1: Fuck Yeah Ther Will Be Lemurs
2: Animal Charms

Player for Itunes which thinks it's cool to write Fuck You!:

And for the rest of the providers who think it's not cool:

Friday, December 1, 2017

OUC009 : Zicla / So

Cover art by Zicla, pic from Manuel Morre

OUC009 : Zicla / So

New music for prepared marxophone/zither, clarinet and electronics

Cao Thanh Lan (VN) – marxophone/zither, electronics
Gregor Siedl (AT) – clarinet, electronics

Zicla is a project by duo Siedl-Cao focusing on electro-acoustic compositions and composed improvisations for prepared marxophone, clarinet and electronics.
Clarinet and zither are commonly known for folk music across the globe. Using these two instruments in a new syntax evokes a familiar and at the same time foreign environment that draws the listener into a world of sonic exploration.
The clarinet´s microtonal soundscapes and noise structures interweave with particular sounds from the extended zither creating an unusual imaginary space, introspective moods, abstract microtonal dialogues and intriguing sound textures.
For more info, news, live, videos about Zicla and DUO Siedl-Cao, go HERE.

Lan Cao – piano, prepared zither, analogue synthesizer, electronics, composition - is a versatile musician encompassing a wide range of stylistic influences, with repertoire from classical to contemporary music and interdisciplinary works. She is an advocate of contemporary music and has earned a wide range of ensemble experience in numerous festivals. She is also active in the experimental improvised music scene with various projects and has been touring the world. Complete bio here.

Gregor Siedl – clarinet, saxophone, electronics, composition – was born in Vienna, Austria. He is deeply engaged in the field of experimental and improvised music. Through his explorations of extended techniques, preparations on the saxophone and the use of extra-musical instruments such as game-calls and water, he has developed a unique voice in music. Gregor won first prizes as best improviser at international music competitions XL-Jazz and Gent Jazz festival competition. He has been involved in experimental music, jazz, multi-disciplinary projects with performers, visual artists and artificial intelligence. He is a band-member of Junk Orbit, ZICLA, Parallel Asteroid, DOKO, Auralisation Ensemble, Osmosis Project and critically acclaimed European-Saxophone-Ensemble. He has performed all over Europe, Asia and South-America at international music festivals and concert venues. Complete bio here.

Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl have been featured at international festivals and concert venues around the world with their duo projects ZICLA and Parallel Asteroid.
With their two educational projects and workshops in collaboration with Domdom Center for Experimental Music and Art in Hanoi, Parallel Asteroid has helped developing the music scene, educating and inspiring young musicians in Vietnam.

Zicla live in Montevideo:

Digital release on the 1st of December 2017.

Track listing:

1: HAI
2: NAM
3: MOT
4: BA
5: SAU
6: BON

And in Bandcamp:

Friday, November 24, 2017

OJP022 : Mimosa / Mimosa

Art cover by Mimosa

OJP022 : Mimosa / Mimosa

Mimosa explores through their unique instrumentation, keyboard, vibraphone, and voice with processing, various paths of improvised music. 
Touching on classical, jazz, noise and ambient musical styles, this trio always performs at a high energy, feeding the ears with rich textures, harmony, and crashing tension, sucking anybody into their journey. The keys of Rieko create repetitive patterns putting the listener in a trance state using the extreme ends of the sonic range. While Els occupies the middle frequencies on the Vibraphone creating the texture that could be mistaken for electronics. Then the vocals of Natalie fit like a puzzle piece to lay noise, and melody with the right amount of electronic manipulation. 
This recipe makes for a stellar and highly addicting music. 
You can discover more music at their Bandcamp.

Natalie Sandtorv – vocal, electronics, wikipediaSoundcloud.
Els Vandeweyer – vibraphone,
Rieko Okuda – keys, website.

 Els, Rieko and Natalie

Members‘ Biography:

Els Vandeweyer is a Belgian vibraphonist, percussionist, and composer currently living in Berlin. After studying classical percussion in Antwerp and jazz vibraphone in Brussels and Oslo, Els co-founded the IMI Kollektief, whose critically acclaimed album Snug as a Gun was released on Clean Feed in 2006. Today, Els plays regularly in Berlin, including solo performance, group improvisation, and contemporary music (including a performance of Xenakis’s Rebonds b at the A L'ARME! Festival in Berlin). Recently, her composition Landscape, a 25-meter-long textile that functions as a mobile graphic score, was performed in Berlin as part of the Kontraklang series on contemporary music. Current projects include a duo with Fred Van Hove, Quat (with Fred Van Hove, Paul Lovens, and Martin Blume); Mimosa (with Rieko Okuda and Natalie Sandtorv); Metal Illusion (a shadow play with Rieko Okuda), Spin Track (with Olaf Rupp and DJ Illvibe), and participation in two orchestras (Pascal Niggenkemper´s Vision 7 and the Serenus Zeitblom Oktett). 

Rieko Okuda is a pianist and a composer. She began with Classical music from the age of 3, in Japan. In her young age, she attended to Kaizuka city Piano Competition, and got the first prize. Later then moved to USA to study and learn Jazz music. She fell right into the Jazz scene in USA, performing with some of the great American Jazz musicians (Bob Mintzer, Jon Faddis, John Fedchock etc.) Also, she got interested in Free Jazz and Improvised music scene while she was in Phliladelphia. She performed with the great improvisers includes Marshall Allen (from San Ra Orchestra), Elliott Levine (recorded with Cecil Taylor), and Calvin Weston (recorded with Ornette Coleman). She has performed in Jazz Festivals throughout her stay in USA. Her interests in Improvised music led her to move to Berlin and perform with various musicians. Currently, she performs with Audrey Chen, Els Vendaweyer, Susanne Zapf (from Sonar Quartet), Yuko Kaseki, Axel Dörner, ect. She also performs at several experimental festivals: XChange Festival, Experymental Festival, and Art-Sound Festival to name a few.In 2014, she got to work with Japanese Pop Artist, YUZU. She arranged the song called “Amenochi Hareruya,“ which awarded Japan Record Award 2014. 

Sandtorv studied jazz, improvisational music and electronics at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and at Griegakademiet in Bergen. She is known for her exploration of different expressions within improvisational music in solo projects and with various ensembles. Sandtorv bring the experimental concept of improvised meetings between innovative vocal artists. In 2015 she released her first solo album Pieces Of SolitudeShe performed a duoproject in 2015 together with the British multi instrumentalist Steve Beresford at the Blow Out! festival in Oslo, Norway. Sandtorv is the initiator of the concert series Playdate in Bergen and Jugendjazz in Ålesund. In November 2015, she released her first solo album Pieces Of Solitude on the Va Fongool label. 

Digital release on the 24th of November 2017.

Track listing:

1: Mimosa, Pt.1
2: Mimosa, Pt.2
3: Mimosa, Pt.3

And in bandcamp:

You can buy their cd at their live gigs, all handmade!